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About Flight Centre Travel Group

Flight Centre Travel Group is one of the world's largest travel agency groups with company-owned operations in 23 countries and a corporate travel management network that spans more than 90 countries.

At the very core of our operations is a passion and drive to share the love of travel and to open up the world for those who want to see it. Every day, we give people all around the world the opportunity to experience something really amazing – travel!

Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) operates a number of leisure travel brands. Its flagship Flight Centre brand is also present in 10 other countries around the world. By offering a broad range of leisure brands, FCTG is able to cater to niche sectors within the travel market. Flight Centre brand is aimed at the mass market with speciality brands to cater to specific travel interests such as cruise and business class travel, Universal Traveller at the youth market and Travel Associates at the premium market.